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Cell Fender
Cell FenderCell Fender
Cell FenderCell Fender

Cell Fender


Cell fenders is consist of hollow cylindrical rubber body and UHMV-PE frontal frames. The panel structure works well to reduce the shear force and hull pressure while the ship berthing. With the advantages of high energy absorption and low reaction force, cell fenders is ideal for large vessels ship to dock berthing operation.

Product Details

Cell fender Description:

Arch fender is a upgraded version of V type rubber fender with improved performance on energy absorption and reaction force. Arch fender can be installed horizontally or vertically through bolts. UHMW pad can be fitted to reduce hull pressure and fiction.

Cell fender specification&dimension:

Cell fender

Serial No.H(mm) Φ1(mm)Φ2(mm)n(pc)ΦdMD Bolts/anchors(Qty x Size)Weight(kgs)
WF-H5005005506504324 x M24111
WF-H6306307008404394 x M30230
WF-H80080090010506406 x M32412
WF-H10001000110013006476 x M39825
WF-H11501150130015006506 x M421210
WF-H12501250145016506536 x M451500
WF-H14501450165018506616 x M522310
WF-H16001600180020008618 x M523030
WF-H17001700190021008668 x M563700
WF-H20002000200022008748 x M645260
WF-H2250225023002550107410 x M647500
WF-H2500250027002950107410 x M6410750
WF-H3000300031503350129012 x M7618500

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